Mixing Valve with Thermometer & Tee

  • Includes stainless-steel thermometer with brass thermometer tee.
  • Attaches to valve for easy and accurate temperature setting and monitoring.

DynaFluid Thermostatic Mixing Valve

Simple, economical solution for fast, temperature-controlled warm water for tubs, or hot water for washing down kennel floors and cages, etc.  Cut-a-way image and dimensional drawings

  • Control knob adjusts water temperature from 60 to 140 degrees (90 to 95 degrees recommended for pet washing). Under normal conditions, temperature is held within +/- 5 degrees.
  • Fail safe design: Immediate shut-off in the event of cold water failure.
  • Can be installed wherever a ready supply of hot water is available.
  • 7 PSI to 90 PSI operating pressure (150 PSI static pressure).
  • Requires no gas or electricity.
  • Designed by T&S Brass – quality made throughout for long life.
  • Simple to maintain. Can be serviced without removal.
  • Replaceable temperature control cartridge.
  • Complete with strainers and check valves.
  • Connections are industry standard 3/4″ NPT female threads, with 6″ (150mm) pipe centers.

Note: Single-inlet faucets are generally used with thermostatic mixing valves, as hot and cold water does not have to be mixed at the faucet.

Caution: Many mixing valves are designed for other applications where hotter water is needed, so do not have thermostats that go low enough (this unit DOES).

Flow Rates Pressure (PSI)Flow Rates Pressure (PSI)